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Between Continents [24 bits]

by Unusual Cosmic Process

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Impolight thumbnail
Impolight This music is gorgeous and beyond reproach.
Only the velocity of the rhythmic elements keeps this from inducing sweet, poppy-scented narcolepsy.
Thank you, to Russia, with love for sharing this.
A revelation. Favorite track: Acoustic Levitation.
Erik Lutsch
Erik Lutsch thumbnail
Erik Lutsch This would fit right in with a documentary about the more untouched parts of our planet. It's soothing with natural touches, but graced with that a lick of modern appeal. Favorite track: Jamais Vu.
Simon Hart
Simon Hart thumbnail
Simon Hart I've been into this genre for a long time, and this album is up there with the best I've ever heard. Stunning amazing music. Favorite track: Weddell Sea.
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Weddell Sea 09:02
Sekki 08:14
Jamais Vu 09:44
Uaimh Bhinn 08:51



Release notes:
Unusual Cosmic Process is the ambient project of Rúnar Kristinsson from Nikolaev, Ukraine, focused on delivering high-end acoustic pleasure to connoisseurs of deep and intelligent sound. This release will take you on a tour of the most unusual cosmic process known to mankind – Earth itself. “Between Continents” is a leisurely and peaceful ride in warm underwater currents that rule the world where land-faring humans are infrequent guests. A definite must-have for all true ambient lovers!

Track descriptions:
1. Acoustic Levitation

The sky above the ocean was filled with a brand new type of airships. They had no smoke stacks above them, there were no thrusters, no wings. These enormous machines the size of a football field were gliding gracefully through the air by means of acoustic levitation.

2. Weddell Sea
It was an unusually sunny day in the Weddell Sea near Antarctica. Millions of sun rays were dancing on endless white and azure blocks of ice, so I had to squint my eyes.

3. Sekki
It was the third hour after our bathyscaph immersed into the blue abyss when Se Jun exclaimed, “Here she is, Sekki, my little one!” Her finger was pointing at a giant blue whale.

4. Atolla Wyvillei
To lure a giant squid, we probed a swarm of Atolla Wyvillei jellyfish with a bathyscaph’s effector. Their red, gelatinous bodies began shimmering electrically, and a gigantic shadow emerged from beneath.

5. Jamais Vu
Jamais vu, unlike déjà vu, is a common phenomenon of momentary inability to recognize a familiar object. Neuroscientists claim that this is a result of brain tiredness.

6. The Clouds (Ambient Remix)
When floating just above the clouds, it is easy to forget that they are nothing but liquid droplets and frozen crystals. Still, you want to reach out and grab this endless, soft cotton candy.

7. Uaimh Bhinn
Fingal’s Cave, or Uaimh Bhinn in Gaelic, is an acoustic wonder located on an uninhabited island in Scotland. Its hexagonal shaped basalt pillars and arched roof amplify and reflect the sounds of waves creating an immersive feeling of being in Nature’s cathedral.

8. Manta Birostris
“One of the first animal encounters I ever had underwater was with a manta ray. I was swimming upside down underneath its huge wingspan, blowing bubbles up onto its belly, which it seemed to love,” said Hannah Fraser, professional mermaid and ocean environmentalist, in the interview to The Daily Mail.

9. Summer Breeze

It is hard to imagine having more solace, peaceful happiness, and even blissful ignorance than when you are lying on a deck of your ship that is floating next to a long-forgotten, uninhabited island somewhere in the Pacific, with a cocktail in your hand and a warm summer breeze blowing in your face.

10. Acoustic Levitation (Ambient Remix)
Our journey between the continents was over, and the captain turned off ship’s acoustic cannons. Although the soundwave that carried us through the air was inaudible, it felt like the air became even quieter than before. We began gliding slowly towards big, green landing field.


released November 7, 2016

Timing: 88'37"

Written and produced by Rúnar Kristinsson

Mastered by Dmitriy Redko at AstroPilot Studio

Release notes by Roman Popov

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